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Electrodermal Screening (EDS)

Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica

Integrative Medicine Specialists located in Santa Monica, CA

Laura Petkunaite is an Electrodermal screening (EDS) practitioner.

Why choose Electrodermal Screening? All parts of our bodies have energy that can be physically measured. For example, the electrical impulse of the heart precedes physical beating, which can be registered by an electrocardiogram. A similar principle can be used to measure the fluctuation of energy in any other organ. Energetical alterations in the organs always precede physical symptoms, and with electrodermal screening, the alterations can frequently be registered months or even years before the physical symptoms appear.

What’s included in the session?

  • Focusing on the organ's energetic state
  • Helping to find the root cause of the symptoms
  • Exploring interfaces of emotional, mental, and physical state
  • Finding the best energy treatment plan and energo-information based remedies for a specific situation


Who could benefit from Electrodermal Screening?

  • People suffering from chronic symptoms/diseases
  • People who want to know more about their body's state
  • People who are interested in symptoms preventive
  • People who believe in their body's abilities


How does EDS work?

This technique was founded on the theory of acupuncture. It is a type of automated data collection system that is based on Quantum physics. A blunt, non-invasive electric probe emitting a small direct current is placed at particular points of the client's hands or feet that correlate to energy meridians. Then the ability of these points to resist this applied current is measured. Using the complex measurement data, we can decide about the organ's energetic state.

Laura came to energy medicine through personal experience. She has a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation, and Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy,  she also worked with statistical data analysis and scientific research in Europe. Because she wants to understand her clients more deeply, she started Counselling & Psychology studies. Laura studied not only Western but also Eastern medical theories, their connections came into her life with the practice of electrodermal screening. She realized that understanding our emotions, mental mechanisms, the basics of homeopathy, counseling, and psychology are as important as physical factors in order to create balance. All of this knowledge went hand in hand with working in a private center for autistic children, where she learned to understand a person without words.

Laura says “I’m passionate about increasing awareness of the relationship between people’s bodies, the symptoms they experience, and the environment they live in. I want to make people believe in their abilities to heal and improve unstoppably. My energy comes from empowering them to be the most important health creators and change-makers of their life and learning from them in the process. Our main right is the right to choose, I choose not to cure illness - but to create health.“


To schedule an appointment for Electrodermal screening, please contact:


Phone: (424) 371 4426