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Digestive Disorders Specialist

Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica

Integrative Medicine Specialists located in Santa Monica, CA

At Lotus Integrative Medicine, which is in Santa Monica, California, Dr. Brendan Armm has helped many of Los Angeles’ residents who struggled with digestive disorders. Many of his patients have been extremely pleased with the services he provides and heartily recommend him to others.

Digestive Disorders Q & A

What Are Digestive Disorders?

“Digestive disorders” is a broad term that encompasses a host of problems people have processing foods. Some common digestive disorders include gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and Crohn's disease.

What Are Symptoms of Digestive Disorders?

Since there are several different types of digestive disorders, there are a number of different symptoms that might be caused by digestive disorders. Some common symptoms include the following:

  • heartburn

  • bloating

  • diarrhea

  • stomach pain and cramps

  • gas

What Treatment Options Are Available for Patients with Digestive Health Issues?

Patients who suffer from digestive disorders have a number of treatment options available. Often, making lifestyle changes, avoiding certain foods, taking herbal remedies, or undergoing acupuncture can effectively treat issues. In some cases, more involved treatment is necessary. These holistic options, however, are preferable because they’re frequently effective, more affordable and less invasive than involved procedures, and don’t have long recovery times.

Who Should See a Doctor About Digestive Disorders?

It’s normal to occasionally not feel well after a meal, and there are many things that can make a person feel ill one time. Regularly feeling sick after eating, however, isn’t normal. Anyone who has any of the above-mentioned symptoms frequently after eating should talk with a doctor of acupuncture and Oriental medicine like Dr. Brendan Armm about potential digestive disorders.

What Should Patients Look for in a Digestive Health Specialist?

When selecting a digestive health specialist to see, patients should look for someone who is a leader in nutrition and health. The most well-known specialists have often written books or given talks on health, nutrition, digestive issues, and related topics.

Residents of Los Angeles should also look for a specialist who practices at an office near them. Identifying and treating the particular cause of a digestive issue can take several appointments. Going to a specialist that’s at a nearby office makes it easy to schedule these appointments around other obligations.

How Long Does a Doctor's Appointment for a Digestive Disorder Take?

Seeing a doctor about a digestive disorder takes about as long as seeing a doctor for any other ailment. The entire discussion, examination, and treatment can be covered in the initial hour and a half appointment, and one-hour follow-ups.

The doctor will first want to discuss any pertinent medical or family history, and then they’ll ask about the symptoms themselves. The doctor may perform an examination before making their recommendation. They might administer an acupuncture treatment, provide dietary recommendations, supplements, or Chinese herbal remedy, depending on the symptoms and other factors. Of course, there is also time for patients to ask questions about their particular concerns.