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Massage Services at Lotus Integrative Medicine

by Tina Distad, CMT, MMT


Medical Massage Therapy follows the classic clinical model and combines physical assessment tests with the application of a variety of hands-on techniques and finishes with teaching remedial exercises for the client to perform at home.

In a clinical setting, medical massage therapy is performed on a clothed client allowing the client to get up and off the table and reposition when needed and more easily move limbs to measure treatment effects on pain and ROM (range of motion).

Clients are advised to wear oversized all-cotton t-shirt with either short or long sleeves. Cotton yoga style or sweatpants are ideal.

Sessions include assessment, treatment, and remedial exercise instruction.

Sessions are more effectively performed in a series of at least 4.

Medical Massage Therapy Rates:
60min $120
75min $150
90min $180


Therapeutic Massage includes a variety of massage modalities applied to the body's muscular structure and soft tissue with the application of individual pressure needs, stretching, rocking, friction, kneading, and compression with hands and forearms. Therapeutic massage may benefit the musculoskeletal system, the circulatory-lymphatic system, and the nervous system. A wellness session to enhance the mind-body connection.

In a therapeutic massage session, the client is in a traditional massage setting, properly draped to access treatment areas.

Therapeutic Massage Therapy Rates:
60min $120
75min $150
90min $180


Manual Lymphatic Drainage is performed in a particular sequence, using a series of massage techniques including stretching, gliding compressions, and cupping motions. The light rhythmic movements stimulate the lymphatic system without deep pressure on the vessels. This makes the lymph fluid flow more freely through the nodes and tissue, making sure it doesn't get trapped along the way.

Lymphatic drainage is beneficial for edema, post-surgery rehab, fibromyalgia, and pre/post-cosmetic surgery. A provider recommendation is required based on the client intake.

In a manual lymphatic drainage session, the client is in a traditional massage setting, propped with pillows to allow lymphatic flow & properly draped to access treatment areas.

Sessions are more effectively performed in a series of at least 4.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Rates:
60min $120
75min $150


Spot Treatment - Spot treatment is available for existing patients and with another same-day treatment.

Spot Treatment Rate:
30min $60

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