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Lotus Integrative Medicine was founded by Dr. Brendan Armm, as an integrative medical center in Santa Monica, to provide compassionate, holistic primary care to the community. It was a small, ground floor office, on a major boulevard, run by he and his wife Winter. Since it’s inception in 2007, Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica, has grown to become one of the largest integrative medical centers in Los Angeles.

With the experience of regularly treating people with low back pain, Dr. Brendan Armm founded BackInBand® to continue the mission for people to receive treatment at home or work.

For millennia, people in the East turned to acupressure and acupuncture to treat back pain with great success. In China, it is not uncommon for patients to see their practitioner on a daily basis, to receive the appropriate treatment. As we all have busy lives, many people find it hard to make it into the office on a daily basis. Dr. Armm was determined to find an effective and safe way for patients to continue their care at home or at work, in conjunction with his in office treatments. Inspired by the benefits acupuncture brought his patients, Dr. Brendan Armm created BackInBand®, a self-administered acupressure device that offers affordable and convenient daily treatment for low back pain. This can be used to support on going acupuncture treatment or if one has never had a session before.

It’s time to stop back pain now.

Over the years, Lotus Integrative Medicine has raised funds for charitable causes. Now, with BackInBand®, a portion of sales from each purchase goes to help someone in medical need.

When your back goes out, get BackIn (and we give back).

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