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Weight Loss Specialist

Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica

Integrative Medicine Specialists located in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Armm helps patients throughout the Greater Los Angeles area in achieving their weight loss goals with a holistic approach to managing a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Weight Loss Q & A

What is an integrative approach to weight loss?

Dr. Armm uses a holistic approach to helping his patients to lose weight. This means he takes the whole patient and all aspects of their health and wellbeing into account when working with them on sustainable lifestyle changes and additional support to help them achieve a healthy weight. He helps patients to find the right balance of foods, exercise, and supplements to ensure the right balance of hormones to allow effective weight loss.

How do hormones affect weight loss?

Hormones control almost everything your body does including your metabolic rate and how your body stores and uses fat cells. If you have a hormone imbalance or a condition that affects your hormone levels, maintaining a healthy weight can become more challenging than normal. For example, if you have a thyroid disorder, the hormones responsible for your metabolism may be outside of the normal range. When these hormones are too low, it can seem impossible to shift excess weight. Dr. Armm will check your overall health to make sure there isn’t a medical impediment to losing weight.

Stress can also cause hormone imbalances, causing your body to hold on to fat cells. Dr. Armm will also help you to manage your stress levels to help you feel healthier and more in control. This could involve meditation, yoga, or other forms of exercise to provide a healthy outlet for stress. This combination of traditional medicine and consideration of other aspects of his patients, is what holistic care entails.

Will Dr. Armm suggest a diet?

Yes, although the diet he suggests may be different than the low calorie diets you might expect from a medically supervised diet, Dr. Armm will make sure that your diet provides the necessary nutrients to support your health and weight loss. He may also run tests to determine if you have any food intolerances or if you react to inflammatory foods. Dr. Armm will recommend the best diet to meet the specific needs of your body.