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Cell Regeneration Specialist

Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica

Integrative Medicine Specialists located in Santa Monica, CA

Dr. Armm and his office of highly-trained and skilled integrative medicine doctors and healthcare practitioners are respected as cell regeneration specialists, providing a number of cell regeneration treatments at Santa Monica, California’s Lotus Integrative Medicine. The doctors and integrative medicine practitioners at Lotus Integrative Medicine have helped many residents of Los Angeles and are highly regarded by both patients and piers.

Cell Regeneration Q & A

What is Cell Regeneration?

Cell regeneration seeks to restore the body at the most foundational level -- the cellular level. Since the body is made up of billions of cells, cellular issues are at the root of many ailments. Damage to cells can cause physical, mental, and emotional issues. Cell regeneration repairs damaged cells, which in turn help the body heal itself.

Because virtually everything people do affects their cells, cell regeneration programs often address multiple areas of life. They may include dietary changes, gentle detoxification protocols, gut restoration, and determining the root cause of the autoimmune challenge.

How Long Does Cell Regeneration Take?

A full cellular regeneration treatment is a more long-term treatment.  Kristin Rotblatt creates 6-month treatment care programs to support healing along the way. But of course, as every body is different, some patients respond more quickly and for others, it take more time.  Restoring cells to health is a process that can’t be rushed.

Who Should Consider Seeing a Cell Regeneration Specialist?

Because damaged cells can be the root cause of many ailments, anyone who is suffering from a physical, mental, or emotional issue might want to see a cell regeneration specialist. A specialist may be able to help cells recover more quickly after an injury, address cellular issues that leave a person with brain fog fatigue, or may improve thyroid function.  (These are just a few examples of what cell regeneration can do.)

People don’t need to be sick or injured to see a cell regeneration specialist. Healthy individuals can often benefit from cell regeneration as we all have damaged cells living in a toxic world. Working to heal cells before a major issue develops can help prevent diseases and other ailments.