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Dr. Brendan Armm and the other healthcare providers at Lotus Integrative Medicine also are available for 30 minute telehealth / telemedicine appointments via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype.

For Dr. Armm, as an example, 30 minute appointment sessions are half the time we normally schedule when compared to our regular 60 minute acupuncture sessions, but now we’ll actually have twice the amount of time, which is 30 minutes instead of 15 minutes, for our more in depth face to face consultations, and the cost remains the same as our regular follow-up acupuncture sessions.

There is a lot we will cover and Dr. Armm and his colleagues are very much looking forward to being of continued support to you and your family via telehealth.

Call 310-828-8258 to schedule telehealth, schedule online, or email directly at to schedule.

For Dr. Armm, as an example, the purpose of each session is to continue history taking, evaluation, medical decision making, consulting and, if applicable, herbal formula/supplement prescriptions. As mentioned above, there is so much more we can do with Traditional Chinese Medicine than being limited to solely the practice of administering acupuncture points.

Among other topics covered to treat or maintain one’s health, our 30 minute telemedicine appointments may include:

  • general counseling
  • health education
  • herbal and supplement recommendations
  • functional medicine
  • stress management exercises/techniques
  • dietary/nutrition management
  • movement and exercise protocols
  • sleep study and advice
  • acupressure guidance for self-care
  • mindfulness breathing practices
  • distance reiki
  • how to place ear seeds (mailed)
  • other lifestyle recommendations

Additionally, Dr. Armm and his Chinese medical colleagues needs to see your tongue to determine a diagnosis and prescribe a potential treatment. Herbs and supplements can be either picked up, delivered or mailed.

Regarding nutrition, it's time to cook! Or even an opportunity to eat more plants. There is great information from the Traditional Chinese medical perspective, as well as from the other integrative medicine doctors and practitioners here at Lotus Integrative Medicine, and in our telemedicine sessions we have the time to create a plan of foods that are best for your constitution and/or for acute care.

We are here in your support, and we are looking forward to hearing from you.


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