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Stress And Anxiety Specialist

Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica

Integrative Medicine Specialists located in Santa Monica, CA

At Lotus Integrative Medicine in Santa Monica, California, Dr. Brendan Armm has years of success helping many residents of Los Angeles who suffer from stress and anxiety. His approach is treating the not simply the symptoms of stress and anxiety, but also the cause which may include lifestyle recommendations, and relaxation exercises to help balance the stress of living and working in a city, or in some cases multiple cities.

Stress and Anxiety Q & A

What is the Difference Between Stress and Anxiety?

Stress and anxiety are related and sometimes used synonymously in non-medical settings. In medicine, though, the two are distinct from each other. Stress is a response to a situation, and anxiety is a reaction to stress. Stress is all-encompassing, physical, emotional, and mental. Anxiety, in contrast, is a specific emotional feeling that’s characterized by apprehensive, fearful, and nervous feelings.

What Symptoms Can Anxiety Cause?

Anxiety arising from stress can cause a host of symptoms, including physical ones even though it’s an emotional response. Anxiety can lead to a dry throat, dizziness in patients that suffer from stress-induced vertigo, and fatigue. These are in addition to the feelings of nervousness and apprehension.

How Are Stress and Anxiety Treated?

While the most common treatment for stress and anxiety is often to address the symptoms, as an Integrative Medical practitioner, Dr. Brendan Armm takes a compassionate and collaborative approach with the patient and any other providers or therapists that may be involved, to not only help alleviate the symptoms, but to also work on finding the source of the stress and applying lifestyle changes and/or exercises and/or meditation to facilitate improvement.

Other ways to manage stress and anxiety include:

  • Counseling, which seeks to help people cope with the situation that’s causing stress.
  • Using herbal remedies, many of which have a calming effect.
  • Acupuncture, which reduces anxiety by helping regulate the nervous system.
  • Nutrition, which can help strengthen and harmonize the body on a daily basis.

Who Should See a Doctor for Stress and Anxiety?

It’s normal to be nervous before an exam or job interview, or before bungee jumping or asking someone on a date. However, If nervous feelings regularly interfere with a person’s ability to perform the functions they need to do, they should seek help for the stress they face and the anxiety they experience. A doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine can offer specific assistance to people facing a single stressful incident, such as giving a speech, as well as ongoing help to people who find everyday life, feeling overwhelmed with anxiety.