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Dr. Jessica Marier“It’s rare to find a doctor who takes adequate time and care to listen to a patient’s needs and concerns, to see the whole picture and give attention to the subtleties of their condition.  I sought care with a Naturopathic doctor for this reason, but Dr. Marier far exceeded my expectations when it came to hearing me.  After our initial session, I felt like we were already on the right track.  I then decided to see her for a Homeopathic Consultation, and was wholly amazed by how deep our session went. Within days of taking the remedy she chose for me, my physical symptoms (chronic migraines) began to dissipate.  Two months later, I am still without symptoms. Homeopathy is a subtle medicine that affects profound changes, and I feel grateful to Dr. Marier for having an awareness and passion for this powerful medicine.” – K.P.

Dr. Jessica Marier“My first visit to Lotus East-West Medical Center was about 4 months ago. I did not know what to expect. As soon as I walked into the door, I felt super comfortable and welcomed. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Marier is a very knowledgeable, detailed and attentive doctor. She truly cares about her patients. I feel 100% better thanks to Dr. Marier.” – N.G.

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Dr. Jessica Marier“I had bad allergy symptoms and was on two allergy medications that were not doing anything. Within two weeks on a homeopathic remedy, my symptoms were completely gone! It was like magic! I’m so grateful that homeopathy worked when nothing else was.” – M.W.

Dr. Jessica Marier“Having battled autoimmune issues for thirty years and visiting many doctors throughout those years, I agreed to make an appointment with Dr. Marier because she had made such an impact on my daughter’s health.  I felt this doctor might be different, and thankfully, she was nothing like the others.  She took the time to dig into my medical history and ordered tests in order to get to the cause of my medical problems.  No other doctor has taken the interest or the time to help me like this. The time spent with this doctor was actually enjoyable.  I am so thankful to Dr. Marier for the obvious improvements her treatment has made in my life.” – K.C.

Dr. Jessica Marier”My 3.5 year old and 6 month old are both treated by Dr. Marier for their eczema and food sensitivities. The homeopathic remedies amaze me in their effectiveness, and have even improved their tolerance for foods that were not long ago off the table. She is a great doctor, listener, and guide to optimal health.” – E.W.

Dr. Jessica Marier“I could not be more satisfied with Dr. Marier’s treatment, which began working immediately, and improved noticeably with the introduction of homeopathy. Within three weeks, I was free of hot flashes, mood swings and insomnia. I am only getting better and am delighted to have avoided hormones. I wish I had found Dr. Marier years ago!” – L.K.

Dr. Jessica Marier“I am so grateful to Dr. Marier for her help in clearing my acne. She emphasizes treating the whole person, not just one symptom, and I am much healthier as a results. I wish that all my loved ones could see her, and I recommend her to everyone!” – C.R.

Dr. Jessica Marier“Dr. Marier is amazing. Her bedside manner is both gentle and intuitive. After three weeks, my malady was diminished by 85%. She also saved my knee. She is compassionate and effective”. – I.Y.

Dr. Jessica Marier“Dr. Jessica Marier is a fantastic doctor! I was already healthy but I found out my mercury levels were so high, they went off the chart. Under her care, I underwent a gentle cleanse for over two months. My energy went through the roof, I lost 2% of my body fat (which is tough for a woman), and felt like I am running at peak condition. I thought my normal low energy levels, tiredness in the mornings was normal. With Dr. Marier’s direction, I discovered it was not. When I got my test results back measuring my new levels of mercury, they dropped by over 90% (I was at 26 off the red and am now at 2.6). My energy levels are again through the roof and now I know what real health feels like”. – L.K.



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