What Is a Sexual Wellness Coach?

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What Does a Sexual Wellness Coach Do?

A Sexual Wellness Coach supports you toward health and wellness with your sexuality, sex life, and sex organs.  Knowing that our sexual organs, sexuality and the act of having sex are totally normal to our human experience, and that sex can be quite enjoyable is one big key to coaching sessions!  Our parts need to be loved through proper nutrition, exercise, and self- care just like the rest of our body.  ALL of this is a huge part of what I help clients achieve.  


What Do Sexual Wellness Coaches Focus On?

Every sexual wellness coach can guide and support on all of the aspects above, but ultimately we each have our areas of expertise.  I personally focus on the health and function of our sex organs and libido levels for women who are mothers.  I find that many of us moms neglect the very area that enabled us to become mothers, whether of our own doing or by those close to us.  However, I find that many of us moms have a new untapped power, energy and resources that can bring new joy and pleasure to experience and honor.  


To be more specific, I work with women who are wishing to move through:


Who Is It For/Why Would I Need or Want A Sexual Wellness Coach?

If you are a mom who has experienced any of the above and wish to move past these hindrances into a more joyful, liberated, awakened, divine, strong, and juicy self, then sexual wellness coaching can be a fit for you!  


How Do Sexual Wellness Services Work?

I offer in person 1:1 consultations at Lotus Integrative Medicine Santa Monica.  Some follow-ups can be done via virtual/video conferencing if appropriate.  

The initial session is 90 minutes long, follow-ups typically run for 1 hour.  

I also offer a FREE 20-minute initial phone/video call to see if we feel we are a good fit to work together!  


Is There Ever Touching or Nudity Involved?

There is NEVER touching nor nudity between myself and clients, however, I may ask you to do practice exercises (without me present) with your partner or yourself that will produce better results when done with nudity.  If I touch you, it might be perhaps a hand on the shoulder or hip, to aid with the execution of applicable exercises.  I require that we both be fully clothed during the entire duration of our sessions together.


How Do I Contact You?

I can be reached the following ways:


Telephone: 323-538-3393

Email: info@mrsdancingmoon.com

Schedule a session or free discovery call: https://calendly.com/mrsdancingmoon

Website: www.mrsdancingmoon.com

IG/Twitter: @mrsdancingmoon

FB: www.facebook.com/mrsdancingmoon


Nicole LaCour-Wordlaw, CCP, CSWP Also known as Mrs Dancing Moon, Nicole serves women who are not feeling 100% themselves, not totally grounded nor connected, yet know that there is a higher and better version of themselves that wishes to shine. Using her work in dance, as a birth doula, and sexual wellness practitioner, Nicole helps transform women to live in their fullest expression. www.mrsdancingmoon.com

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