The Experience of Love

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Many people fall in love and often do not realize that they are experiencing their own body, mind and spirit vibrating in such a way that they can feel a glimpse of the capacity of love that is inside of them at all times. (The capacity to love by the way is immeasurable) The person on the outside who elicits such feelings of joy and love, is a stimulus, nudging you to bring awareness to the abundance of love inside of you. And let it. Let it open your heart.

When you understand this, you can have more gratitude and appreciation for others in your life. Many people have fear that they will lose love, and will start to try to control and manipulate others to stay. But the love is abundantly already inside and always was. Love is in every molecule of your being, every cell, every thought, every breath, every heart beat. Love is in how you move and express yourself. Love is the undertone of every relationship. It is the bridge between people, animals, molecular bonds. Love is in your auric field. Love is in your bones. Love is in water! You cannot help but to love and be of love and light. Anything blocking love can be freed with feeling your own abundant source of love inside of you and all around you.

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Christine Surrago, ND Dr. Surrago is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Santa Monica, CA. She determines and treats the root cause of diseases and symptoms. She accepts patients who want to know what is causing their disease and will coach them to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to improve their health. She completed her doctorate at Bastyr University, the world’s leading research university in Naturopathic Medicine. While attending, she was trained in the interweaving of modern medicine with naturopathy. Her training in two very different worlds of medicine has given her the ability to work with patients undergoing pharmaceutical treatment while safely bringing their body back into greater function and balance. She is known for treatment of chronic immune dysfunctions, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders and mood disorders. She served as clinical faculty at Bastyr University, specializing in the homeopathic treatment of chronic illness.

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