Acupuncture Testimonials


“The best acupuncture in Los Angeles! Great center with fantastic energy and caring people. The moment you walk in you feel peaceful and relaxed. The front desk ladies are kind and helpful. I highly recommend Lotus East-West for wonderful acupuncture treatments”. – Citygrid Media (B.B.)

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dear Dr. Armm. I am so happy to hear from you… (1) I never use my cane anymore… Yesterday, my neurosurgeon said I have 6 more months for optimum return of the dorsiflexion action in my ankle. In fact, my husband mentioned after the appointment that I should go back to see you. He said my ankle was doing better with the acupuncture. (2) I had the best news when I went back to Tulsa last month – I am in remission. That is definitely a miracle with Stage 4 breast cancer. Thank you for following up with me”. – J.M.

Kristin Rotblatt, LAc: “Kristin Rotblatt is the most helpful, generous, informed health practitioner I have come across. Genuinely a lovely person!” – K.U.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I enthusiastically look forward to my sessions with Dr. Brendan Armm.  Dr. Armm brings a combination of humor, intelligence and commitment.  The acupuncture work we have done along with the targeted herbal formulas and Dr. Armm’s suggestions concerning diet and exercise, have made a significant difference in many areas of my life.  My anxiety and irritation have been greatly reduced.  A recurring pain in my abdomen has virtually disappeared.  I have more energy.  My cholesterol — which has been high for my entire adult life — has fallen by approximately 50 points.  To top it all off, I lost most of my hair after college and am now noticing the first signs of hair regrowth!  Who could ask for more?” – M.Y.

Richard Hsu: “Richard Hsu, owner of the Alternative Medical Clinic in San Marino has changed my life. For the first time in three years, I have my chronic pain under control. I suffer from TMJ and massive headaches. I have endured migraines for 16 years, and thought that these headaches were bad, until I was hospitalized for a week with a different kind of head pain.  Unfortunately, these new headaches were resistant to the typical migraine medication, and pain meds. For the first time in my life, I wanted to die. I no longer thought about myself, my family, or my future. I was tired of the pain: and this “condition” was taking its toll on me physically and psychologically. I was constantly vomiting from pain and eventually became depressed. The life that I had known had disappeared. Getting out of bed and dealing with the bone crushing pain in my head was something that I only did if I had to. My children and my husband didn’t know me anymore, and I didn’t really care. It became clear to me that I needed to get control of my life when my twins would constantly ask, “do you have a headache again today mama?” It brought tears to my eyes when my very shy kindergartner told me that he prayed for me at school one morning for my headache to get better. I was beginning to feel terminal, and didn’t understand what was happening to me. Three neurologists and a host of general doctors threw their hands up in the air. All of my medical tests came back perfect, and no one had an answer for me. One Saturday morning, after being in bed for five days, I knew that I had to make it to my son’s last baseball game. There was only on problem. The pain in my head was so intense, that I couldn’t even sit up without passing out. Feeling helpless, my mother in law took the children off my hands and told me to go to this new acupuncture clinic that just opened up. It took every ounce of energy I had to make the 2 mile drive. By that time, I was so ill, that I was forced to sit outside of the clinic for five minutes just to pull myself together. When I first met Richard, he knew that my condition and state of mind were fragile. He spoke with compassion and made me feel like there was hope. After two and half hours of treatment, I felt so much better, that I miraculously made it to the baseball game. Since then, I’ve become a regular patient of The Alternative Medical Clinic in order to abolish my constant pain, and decrease the myriad of drugs that I’m on. Today, I’m pleased to announce, that I’ve cut my medications down by over 80%, and I am enjoying a “new” life. No longer am I a hostage of my own pain and misery. Although I am not fully cured, I am confident in my progress that I am making with Richard and his practice. Fondly, M.E.”

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hi Dr. Armm. Vast improvement since our 4th session last Tuesday. The pain (or more like a discomfort at this point) is minimal and localized and diminishing everyday. I don’t feel it in the morning which used to be the worst time of day for it. Also, my energy level the last few days has shot way up. I have now cut back coffee to half a cup in the morning and then I switch to green tea. Hope to cut it off completely soon. Thanks again for your healing hands and heart”. – R.P.

Richard Hsu: “Dear Dr. Hsu. I just wanted to write you a letter of appreciation. Before I started treatment here, I could only walk a very short distance and the pain was just too much to bear. I was limited in the activities I could do. Even the smallest activities were a large chore. Grocery shopping was a menacing task. I wanted to believe that I would get better, but nothing I did would help. I was afraid that I would become permanently limited and was doomed to have terminal pain. Then I came to your office and you took a comprehensive approach to my situation. We discussed my pains and you addressed the root of the problems rather than just the symptoms. After the first two months of treatment with you, I could walk at least a block. This might sound like a small task, but I assure you it was a large improvement. After continued treatments, I can walk further and have much less pain. I know that I will continue to improve and have more mobility with further treatment. I want you to know that through the treatments you have provide, my pain has decreased, my mobility has increased, and my overall quality of life has improved. I contribute my success to your holistic approach. Your were able to communicate where the problems stemmed from and what I could do to stop it. I thought you would like to know that I am very satisfied with the help you have provide. I look forward to my future improvements. Thank you, D.C.”

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I came to Dr. Armm in early 2006 with concerns about the level of my cholesterol. My cholesterol was a high 241. I found it very confusing because I was a serious ballet dancer most of my life and then became a personal trainer, always trying to be healthy and worked out often. I didn’t know what “healthy” was until I started with Dr. Armm. Dr. Brendan Armm has truly changed my life! Within 6 months of seeing Brendan and having acupuncture on a weekly basis, he changed my cholesterol from 241 to 191! He had me take red yeast rice and oriental medicines to help lower the cholesterol and calm my energy. Not only did Brendan help lower my cholesterol but he helped me truly understand balance in my life. The individualized tips he gave me have made a world of difference. He helped me become more aware about what I eat and don’t eat. Dr. Armm feels like an old friend you knew for years. He has an amazing ability to zero in on exactly the issues you are dealing with. All of his knowledge and enthusiasm is like a magnet that draws you in. Brendan’s philosophies and practice have kept me motivated towards living a healthy lifestyle. He is very informative, compassionate and has a great deal of knowledge and generosity. I am truly grateful to Dr. Brendan Armm for being so motivational. It’s easier to breathe throughout the day knowing that I feel and AM so much healthier. Thank you SO much, Dr. Armm! All the best, G.C.”

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I chose to work with Brendan to resolve nerve damage to my ankle caused by surgery 8 months prior. Within a mere 30 days, Brendan’s skill and expertise “woke -up” parts of my ankle and allowed me to become active to the point of normal activity. I was amazed, and so was my surgeon, and would recommend Brendan’s expertise in Acupuncture without hesitation”. – H.R.

Richard Hsu: “It was my great fortune to discover a true healer like Dr. Richard Hsu. He is kind and compassionate, a gentle soul who cares deeply about the welfare of his patients. I’ve had chronic illnesses for many years, and have been to dozens upon dozens of doctors. Dr. Hsu is among the very rare few who has not only been helping me turn my health around and become well, but who makes the experience of going to the doctor’s a truly positive one. I can’t speak highly enough about Dr. Hsu”. – S.P.

Richard Hsu: “I had a painful stress fracture. With one treatment [from Richard Hsu] my pain was 90% reduced. With three treatments, it was gone”. – M.R.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Brendan Armm is an excellent Acupuncturist friend of ours. I have been going to him for 3 years. He is a Yogi as well. He thoroughly listens to you and examines you by taking your pulse. He has brought me back to balance and optimum health. I highly recommend him. Take care, I.DS.”

Richard Hsu: “Thanks to Dr. Hsu from Alternative Medical Clinic in San Marino, I have had no pain in my left knee! Several months ago, I read Dr. Hsu’s ad in my church bulletin. Since my job as a nurse requires a lot of walking, I used a cane and pain medication to get around. I knew that the cartilage in my knee is thinning and I would have to face surgical intervention sooner or later. I decided to change my course of treatment and came to see Dr. Hsu. After a couple of months of weekly acupuncture treatment, I have no pain. I now walk without a cane and can enjoy my daily activities”. – S.G.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm: Thank you very much for yesterday’s treatment of my piriformis and other issues. I was very impressed with the time you took to understand my overall health and your knowledge of Chinese medicine. Also, you were very empathetic and made me feel very comfortable. I feel much better today. When I got out of bed I did not feel the same pain I was feeling for the last week. I feel a little pressure (tightness) in the left lower back area but no pain. The only area where I felt some discomfort today was my left quad. It’s almost as if the pain up and down my left leg was concentrating in the quad area, but at a lower threshold of pain. I am not taking anymore of the Indocin. I look forward to the follow-up next week and continuing towards better health under your guidance. Thanks again”. – R.P.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I have had acupuncture many, many times over the past 20 years.  Mostly women in their 60’s+ that came from China and had worked in hospitals there.  When Dr. Brendan Armm walked in to treat me I was shocked.  A WHITE, YOUNG, MALE.  I was ready to get up and leave as I thought how can he help me.  Good thing I stayed.  I have never had a more accurate, precise, effective series of treatments in my life.  He is truly a healer.  Calm, caring, good listener and non judgmental.  I have never gone to anyone but him since.  East-West is a clean, relaxed, calm atmosphere.  One is greeted with kindness, understanding and a cup of tea!  They also will give you a breakdown bill to submit to your health insurance company.  Thank you East-West for making my life more comfortable!” – D.A.

Richard Hsu: “I first came to Dr. Hsu’s office looking for an alternative medicine for my son’s migraine headaches. He had suffered these headaches for at least three years and checked with several doctors and all they could do was prescribing very strong painkillers. S__ is only seventeen and I didn’t want him to continue having constant medication without any results. I was always concerned of future addition to the painkillers as many people have now. Dr. Hsu has treated S__ with acupuncture and homeopathy for six months and the headaches are almost gone and never as intense as he had them before. His allergies are minimal and he is able to fight colds and other infections much better. S__ was always prone to get sick since very small. As Dr. Hsu explained to me, he treats the person, and he was very good in finding the right thing for S__. I met Dr. Hsu when he started treating my son S__ for migraine headaches with great results. I am almost fifty years old and have had several years with hormonal imbalance and most uncomfortable symptoms and mood ups and downs. I stated some hormone replacement treatment that help some, but made it worse for some cysts that I had for a couple of years. I decided to change completely to alternative medicine with Dr. Hsu and I feel like another person. The cysts disappeared, the almost constant PMS is gone and I feel calm and with energy every day.  He also helps treating my lower back pain that I had suffered for years. It is so reassuring to have this caring person who know me and always remember my name and also takes care of all my needs. It was very hard to visit an office for every different thing and with relative results. I know my family and I are in great hands and we are very thankful for that”. – A.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thank you, Dr. Armm, so much for your attention to my condition.  Please know that I highly regard your perspective on it. You raise the bar for future doctors. Nearly all of your recommendations I have observed except in moments of sheer laziness.  The laziness is the heart of the issue, and I will continue to pray and meditate on that.  Although I have no doubt that getting to bed earlier would help me, staying up late is still part of the flow of my “world”, as this email testifies.  I am in bed, though, as soon as I click “send”! Large daily doses of Tylenol are almost as good, with about the same short-term effect, if not as relaxing, as our treatment together–which is to say that the treatment was effective, longer-lasting, and I believe likely to become more and more so. Thank you again and God bless you, T.W.”

Richard Hsu: “Dr. Hsu. I am not good with words, I work with my hands. I don’t normally write letters, however, this time I think I must. I have suffered from headaches for twenty five years. I mean terrible pain and not able to function in any capacity. Simple tasks I had performed all my life, I could not do. In the past twenty five, I have seen several doctors, including, my primary physician, psychologist and neurologist, none of them helped. I was on the sofa all day every day, trying not to let my head touch anything, because it hurt to touch my hair. Finally, my Doctor referred me to you. Thank God. At first I was a little anxious. I don’t like needles. April 11, 2003, I visited you for the first time. After a short interview, I laid down on your table and closed my eyes. I did not feel the needles!! Shortly after, I was a sleep. When I was awaken, some time later the headache was gone. I returned for treatment at regular intervals until August 22, 2003. At this time there had been no more headaches. We left for fun filled trip to Europe for five weeks. There were no headaches the entire trip. October 17, 2003, over six months without a headache, two months without a treatment, I have referred many of my friends to you, everything from smoking to chronic back pain and severe diabetes. Each one of them has reported to me that they have had great success with your treatments. That makes me feel good, I was able to help friends with their problems. LET PEOPLE SAY WHAT THEY WANT ABOUT CHINESE MEDICINE, IT WORKS. Please keep on doing what you do!” – A.B.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Brendan Armm, I have to give you feedback. You are a phenomenal acupuncturist. Oh my god! First of all, I am sitting there. It’s about 6 pm at night, and my pulse or should I say my heart is beating at about 62 beats per minute; it’s just humming like a baby. And my cough, well, it’s gone. After I left you, such rage came up in me. I didn’t realize I was so mad that I had had that conversation with a family member yesterday that was really, pretty horrible. I just stuffed it. I didn’t realize I had stuffed it. For like two hours, I was enraged and then I got through it. And, I feel great! Wow. What an acupuncture session! I felt compelled to give you that feedback. You are really good at this. Thank you. I will come and get treated by you every time I’m in town. The next time will be in May. It was great seeing you, and it was great connecting with you. Take care”. – D.M.

Richard Hsu: “I believe in the healing power of Qi/Chi because of Dr. Hsu. Under his treatment, I’ve experienced dramatic improvement in my shoulder range of motion plus a significant reduction in pain. His sage use of herbs and precise advice on stretches and exercises — including Qigong — is now helping me to overcome both pain and weakness at other sites. We are also working together on the longer-range goals of improving my physical stamina, mental focus and spiritual energy. When it comes to freeing up the energies of spirit, heart/mind and body, SHEN, XIN and JING, Dr. Hsu’s the real thing”. – B.P.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I write to let you know that the ‘reset’ point we tried in our session on Saturday (in the ear?) seems to have worked really well. I find myself with a clearer perspective and a sense that things can be done/managed. Thanks, M.H.”

Richard Hsu: “Dr. Hsu is a very caring and knowledgeable acupuncturist. My sessions are very relaxing and he really helps me with my insomnia and allergies. Thank you, Dr. Hsu”. – S.M.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “My experience at Lotus East-West Medical Center was an extremely positive one, to say the least. Following my spinal fusion I needed acupuncture to treat my ongoing symptoms of back pain, and Dr. Armm and his staff could not have done a more warm and professional job of handling the procedures, from the minute I walked into the door until I had left. Dr. Armm’s administration of the acupuncture was skilled, confident, and quick. Overall it was a very comfortable and reassuring experience”. – C.W.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm is an excellent acupuncturist and I feel a great sense of confidence when I refer my patients to him.  He’s a good human being as well”. – Dr. R.M.

Richard Hsu: “I am a relatively young and active person.  My husband and I enjoy hiking, bicycling, scuba diving and many other outdoor activities.  All that ceased when I was admitted to the hospital with serious, unexplainable back trouble that caused incredible pain and loss of all control and all feeling in my left leg.  What a frightening experience. After 3 days in the hospital and another 3½ weeks at home FLAT on my back in bed unable to even walk to the restroom, I decided that I could no longer rely on Western Medicine to help guide me to wellness.  I recalled that I had received a reference for an acupuncturist about a year earlier that I had logged in my computer.  My husband searched my notes and found Dr Hsu’s phone number.  I made the call that started me on the path to healing. Within 3 days of my first acupuncture treatment with Dr Hsu, I was able to walk again.  Even though it was only for very short distances (a few yards at a time), I was still walking!   And I was no longer taking the strong, potentially addictive medications prescribed by my doctors. Working closely with Dr Hsu and receiving regular treatments with the needles over the next few months, the back pain was completely eliminated and leg strength and control restored.  Now, all that remains is some numbness in my left knee.  I continue to receive treatments from Dr Hsu and am 100% confident that this final condition will be corrected, thanks to him. It has been quite an ordeal but I am convinced that if I had not been the beneficiary of Dr Hsu’s expertise, treatment and guidance, I would still be lying in bed.  Instead, I am slowly but happily resuming former activities, including hiking and bicycling. I highly recommend Dr Hsu.  He is an exceptional and kind-hearted healer”. – E.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hey Dr. Armm. I just wanted to thank you for helping be and being so generous.  You help me so much.  I felt so much more balanced and able to function which was really important so I could take better care of …  Thanks again for your care”. – J.Z.

Richard Hsu: “I used to suffer badly from hayfever symptoms – running nose, itchy throat, itchy eyes, coughing etc etc. Sometimes even the act of breathing got difficult at night with coughing and clogged nostril. As a result, my energy level became very low and it really affected my life.  I felt depressed with my condition and no longer felt like doing things I used to enjoy. I tried neti pot, homeopathic tincture, over the counter allergy medication to no avail. (The last one gave me the side effect of fever.) Nothing worked to improve my hayfever. Then I went to Dr. Hsu for acupuncture treatment. I must admit I was a little skeptical if it will really work( I was getting pessimistic over my situation). Well, after the first treatment I felt 60% better! That night I didn’t have to blow my itchy nose or suffer from coughing. I felt a deep sense of relief I hadn’t felt for months. I have been having acupuncture twice a week since then, and my allergy symptoms is almost completely gone. I feel that the acupuncture has restored balance to my overreacting immune system(without any side effect). My life is back to normal now and I am really grateful. I want to tell people who are suffering from allergy, ‘Go to Dr. Hsu; he can restore your health without any undesirable side effects’”. – M.K.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hi, my friend: I had a wonderful experience being treated by you. You, my friend, have the gift. Let’s meet again and continue visualizing possibilities”. – E.D.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Lotus East-West is truly a healing sanctuary. The atmosphere is geared to the individual experience. Dr. Brendan Armm is a talented, thoughtful and caring practitioners”. – E.L.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “This has been for me the difference between misery and not just hope but the experience of well-being”. – H.H.

Richard Hsu: “Dr. Hsu has really helped me manage my anxiety.  Before I started seeing him, I felt scared a large part of my day.  In desperation, I started psychiatric drugs, but I really didn’t like the side effects.  My doctor urged me to try other non-medicinal therapies such as acupuncture and massage.  I had never tried acupuncture before, but was open to anything that might help me deal with my anxiety, especially something that did not have any side effects.   After about three weeks of acupuncture, I started to feel better and much less scared.  After six weeks, I stopped taking the medicine and have been doing much better ever since.  Yes, I still have an occasional panic attack, but the frequency and intensity have decreased significantly with the help of Dr. Hsu.  When I feel my stress level increasing, I stop by his office to “rebalance” my system.  I can’t say I completely understand how it works, but I can say that I have found it to be really helpful and have referred friends who are dealing with a variety of issues from headaches, backaches to infertility.  Thanks Richard!” – Ms. T.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hello Dr. Armm. Just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for your treatment. I have been going to Yoga the last week and it feels good. I still feel some soreness and one day after wearing poor shoes to work I regretted that decision down deep in my back, but otherwise I feel on the mend. I am implementing a lot of the advice you gave me and just wanted to let you know, I think your work really helped and I appreciate you and your talent. Thank you, again”. – B.C.

Richard Hsu: “As a long-time sufferer of Psoriasis, I have found relief through acupuncture with Dr. Hsu. Acupuncture has reduced the pain and discomfort that I experienced on a daily basis due to Psoriasis for many years. Not only does acupuncture treat my Psoriasis but it has improved my overall health immensely. Since receiving acupuncture, I have feel as healthy and strong as I did in my 20s. I recommend acupuncture and Dr. Hsu to all my friends for a variety of conditions”. – K.H.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “It was such a pleasure working with you yesterday. You are a great practitioner and since our appointment together I will definitely refer people your way.  You have a warm presence and a professional manner. I felt really safe and taken care of during our session.  Thank you so much!” – H.K.

Richard Hsu: “I started seeing Dr. Hsu about three years ago after being so disgusted with doctors and their conventional medicine. I was having problems with back pain  that radiated down to my knees, I had gone to an orthopedic specialist that only gave me medicine to relieve the pain, I had also gone to a chiropractor that despite repeated visit only gave me minimal relief so I decided to try acupuncture. Now thanks to Dr. Hsu my back pain is minimal compared the pain that I continually experienced under the care of conventional doctors.  I was so pleased with the care and concern that I received by Dr. Hsu that I told my husband a former professional football player about him because he too was having problems with his knees as a result of his profession.  After a number of treatments he began to see results, and now does not have problems with his knees. I am so confident in the treatment of acupunture that I received from Dr. Hsu that I decided to try his treatment for other ailments or condition such as menopause which I am receiving amazing results, as well as for arthritis, acid reflux, and occasional depression.  Dr. Hsu is a very caring doctor that unlike the other doctors that I have seen, takes the time to listen to me, instead of writing a prescription before I can finish describing my concerns.  I must admit that I was skeptical, very skeptical at first, but I wasn’t getting any relief from the other doctors so I felt what did I have to lose, and I am so glad that I did, I now do not take any form of medications, when I have a flair up of any symptom I go to Dr. Hsu for relief and I am quite satisfied.  This form of treatment takes more time, but it’s making your body do what it was designed to do, and that is to heal itself, without medications and all of the side effects that go along with it.  Great care Dr. Hsu!!!” – B.J.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Namaste, Dr. Brendan Armm!  I am doing much better than when we saw one another and I just started school yesterday.  I practice the technique that you taught me.  It does seem to help.  Overall, I think the treatments that you gave me and the time we spent just talking about what was going on was a tremendous catalyst in waking me up once again to what is going on in my body and stimulating me to take action to change it… I remain very grateful for the treatments you provided and hope you have many coming through your door who can receive the benefit of acupuncture through your hands.  Much love and gratitude”. – A.T.

Richard Hsu: “After several failed in-vitro fertilization attempts, my doctor advised me to start acupuncture treatments with my next round of IVF. I was very skeptical at first, but Dr. Hsu proved me wrong. I got pregnant after 2 months of acupuncture treatments alongside fertility treatments. To my amazement, my other aches and pains like TMJ and back discomforts subsided greatly. Now, I am a true believers of this ancient Chinese treatment”. – K.T.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Brendan Armm really helped my foot. The swelling is totally down now. He gets it! I am very excited. I have never had it before, or knew much about it. I’m sold. I have tried Chiropractors and other things, and they didn’t work. Please thank him for me. I am all over it now. I want to hear his suggestions about other health related things. He is a real miracle man”. – A.S.

Richard Hsu: “I have been seeing Dr. Hsu since about five years ago because I had kidney problems and had proteins in the urine. My regular doctor said my kidney function was low and wanted me to be on dialysis. But instead I came to Dr. Hsu for Chinese herbal treatments. Since I have started the treatments my kidneys became better and the proteins in the urine had decreased by a whole lot. Thanks to him I am capable of living a healthier life and doing things that I was not able to do before. I myself encouraged other people to visit him for any type of problems from headaches to chest pains. I think he’s great doctor”. – M.V.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I sent him because I know that you are a great healer. He would like the focus to be on his lungs. I would even ear seed him to make sure he reduces his craving for the cigarettes. He will be fine. He is in good hands”. – Dr. D.

Richard Hsu: “Following a diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 28, I was recommended surgery and chemotherapy as treatment.  The harsh drugs involved in chemotherapy kill cells in your body, both bad AND good.  Because of this, my white blood cell count was down to extremely low levels, putting me at risk for serious complications and illnesses as well as causing me to postpone my chemotherapy treatments.  Due to my oncologist’s desire to avoid Neuprogen injections, which help raise your WBC counts, (also which are believed to raise a patient’s risk of developing leukemia), I turned towards pursuing other solutions.  My background is in science, and until now, I was a true skeptic of alternative medicine.  Although still a firm believer in Western medicine, I now am also a true believer in acupuncture as supplemental treatment.  When my low WBC count was initially detected just prior to my second round of chemotherapy, I rang in at a count of 900.  My oncologist, slightly worried about this lowered my chemotherapy dosage a bit.  After undergoing treatment with Dr. Hsu for only 2 weeks, my white blood cell count was brought into normal ranges  (5000 after acupuncture treatment), therefore allowing me to undergo my chemotherapy on schedule and as planned.   I’m a firm believer that in combination with my lower chemotherapy dosage, Dr. Hsu has helped me keep my breast cancer treatment on track.  Not only are my blood tests proof of that, but so are my energy levels and my decrease in nausea.  Dr. Hsu’s kind and calm demeanor and his genuine concern for his patients, is a true blessing”. – L.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm, Congratulations!!!!  This is truly amazing, and I am so happy to see what you have done.  Enjoy all of it man.  You are an inspiration in so many ways, and I have learned so much from you, and will in the future”. – D.R.

Richard Hsu: “Upon starting acupuncture treatment for tennis elbow, I had 3 cortisone shots and 6 weeks of physical therapy within 12 months. The orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery only if after the 3rd cortisone shot, the pain returned. Not only did the pain return, it was worse than ever. I couldn’t extend my elbow or lift anything without having pain. I would wake up in the middle of the night because I couldn’t move or lift my elbow, it was very painful. Reluctant to have surgery, I thought I would try acupuncture, my last resort before having surgery. Since starting my treatment in May, on the 4th visit, I started to feel relief. To date, I’m sleeping at night and extending my elbow without any pain. I will continue with acupuncture at least once a month. Thank you Dr. Hsu”. – S.L.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “The acupuncture helped sooooo much!! Day 2 of being home and haven’t taken allergy meds yet!!! It’s the first time I have had relief since my allergies started in April”. – A.A.

Richard Hsu: “I have been going for acupuncture treatments with Richard Hsu since February. I went to see him regarding some severe eczema on my hands. The first time he saw me my hands were practically seized up, dry cracked and bleeding. I was in a lot of pain. Together with a cough that didn’t go away and my immune system down to the floor I was very miserable. I responded very well to the first treatment, and after 3 or 4 my hands got considerably better! I had not been able to wear my wedding ring for the past 8 years, since I had so much inflammation, and now it fits again. I feel a lot more energetic now. I would strongly recommend this practice. Richard Hsu is very friendly and professional”. – K.A.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dear Dr. Armm. My beach Yoga class went really well with about 80 people in attendance. Thanks to you I felt much better and stronger with a voice and stamina to teach in the outdoors. Thank you for always taking care of me in the most comprehensive, efficient and caring way. Love, I.DS”

Richard Hsu: “I can not praise Dr. Hsu enough for his help. I originally started doing acupuncture over a year ago because of several seizures. I have never had an incident since but have kept doing acupuncture as an overall health regimen. Dr. Hsu has helped me on numerous occasions ranging from the common cold to lower back problems. I once came in with a painful stiff neck. Dr. Hsu worked patiently until the pain was gone and I once again had full range of motion. Dr. Hsu’s style is extremely professional. He genuinely cares about the well being of his patients which shows in his personable style. I even brought my very young daughter in with me. He addressed her problem and she immediately felt better. I can not recommend Dr. Hsu enough. He will always be a part of my overall health regimen”. – J.B.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “I’ve been meaning to tell you how fantastic the session was for me last week. Its effect seemed to reside within me long after I walked out your door. Looking forward to next week, when we can discuss it further”. – B.L.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “… was speaking with —, a lovely Santa Monica-based playwright I know, last night on the phone.  She knows you both from Sacred Movement and you have also stuck needles in her once.  She says hello and was singing your praises!” – A.E.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Reporting in on my condition, lungs are clear. Energy’s good. Slept like a baby. Thought you’d want to know. Thanks, doc. You’ve got the Gift”. – J.A.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thanks SO much, Dr. Brendan Armm.  My life would have not been nearly so happy and healthy without acupuncture”. – D.K.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thanks for everything. You are truly an inspiration! Lots of Love”. – J.J.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Great Job, Man”. – B.B.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dr. Armm, I hold your work in high esteem! Peace, F.A.”

Dr. Brendan Armm: “You are amazing, Brendan!” – T.F.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I think you are an amazing healer and friend”. – R.S.

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Dear Dr. Armm. Thank you for all that you do and the healing that you bring to the lives of those you work with through your center. I feel my work with you has been very transformational both for the body and mind. I look forward to working more with you and staying healthy and grounded in 2009. All the best, E.D.”

Dr. Brendan Armm: “Hello Dr. Armm… Thanks for helping me heal my kidney, I’ve had no more of those symptoms”. – P.D.  

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