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About Life and Sexual Wellness Coaching

Nicole La Cour-Wordlaw, Certified Women's Holistic Life & Sexual Wellness Practitioner, is committed to guiding, supporting, witnessing and co-creating with women who desire to live in their fullest expression. 

Gaining clarity on one's belief systems, values and truth, coaching sessions consider the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. Getting out of the head, into the heart, and utilizing embodiment practices among other tools are a large part of the sessions. 

Whether you're seeking to change careers, looking for more work-life balance, working with a too weak or too tight pelvic floor, abdominal wall separation, looking to navigate your menstrual cycle, having fertility challenges, healing from an abortion, miscarriage, birth, or sexual encounter, Nicole gently probes to unveil your truth and offer realistic guidance to help you feel more confident, powerful, uplifted, and supported. 


About Birth Doula Services 

Aside from being a Life & Sexual Wellness Coach, Nicole is also a Certified Birth Doula. Her approach is to actually LISTEN. Without judgment or expectation, she will meet you right where you are in your pregnancy and hold your hand metaphorically and often literally, to guide you to the birth experience you desire. Nicole provides information to help you make informed choices for you and your baby that you may not know you had. She works hard to reasonably ensure your desires are met. Using techniques passed down from cultures around the world for generations, Nicole will support you on one of the most transformative and memorable days of your life. 


About Nicole La Cour-Wordlaw, CSWP

Nicole La Cour-Wordlaw aka "Dancing Moon" has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance and has performed various styles for audiences worldwide. From Modern, West African, Bharata Natyam, Latin, Hip Hop and Jazz, dance was a primary means of self-expression. While it was feeding her soul, dance offered her the opportunity to share a universal language that we use less often in our culture. After having two children, her body no longer felt like it once was, yet dance continued to serve as a means of solace while she redefined how she walked in the world. Nicole has healed herself of undiagnosed postpartum depression, diastasis recti, low back pain and incontinence and now lives life with confidence, joy, and exhilaration! Now, with children ages 8 and 7, Nicole supports moms during the pre and postnatal periods with birth doula work dance/movement, and as a holistic life and sexual wellness coach to guide, mentor, encourage and support women to live their lives as their fullest and best selves.

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