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The Art and Science of Structural Alignment was given the name “CHIROPRACTIC” almost 125 years ago. It was defined, then refined into a specific, natural healing art based on the principle that the best health cannot be gained or maintained without the normal, natural alignment of the spinal column which results in freedom from nerve interference. To the degree that you enjoy freedom from nerve interference, you are also more likely to enjoy good health.

It is a law of nature that when the body is out of balance, or alignment, nerve pressure can result in discomfort, pain, and illness.


Even the slightest misalignments of the spine can produce pressure and irritation upon nerves and when that happens, the transmission of vital nerve energy to the organs, cells, and tissues of the body can be altered. Examples of this are a sluggish gallbladder or liver, rapid heartbeat, or over-active stomach. Indeed, irritated nerves cause either increased or decreased body function in whatever organs those nerves supply.


Balance, Harmony, and Health

The ordinary daily stresses and strains of normal living and even the unavoidable pull of gravity on the upright body often overcome the body’s alignment and can cause poor posture and poor body mechanics. Misalignment of the spinal vertebrae can result.  Additionally, when the accumulated stresses of environmental factors severely tax the immune system and overwhelm the body’s ability to adapt and cope, it makes no sense to further insult the system with drugs or chemicals.

It makes more sense to remove stresses to the body. Chiropractic Care helps to re-balance the body, remove stress on and in the nervous system and restore the body’s ability to effectively function in its environment.


Chiropractic Care is: 

An approach to health which utilizes the body’s inherent natural recuperative powers.

A healing science which places emphasis on maintaining the structural and functional integrity of the body.

A method of healthcare which is conservative and does not utilize drugs or surgery.


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    "Relaxing, calming atmosphere. Kind and friendly staff. Little to no wait for my appointments. Highly, highly recommend."

    Dancing M.
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    "From the moment I stepped into the center, I knew this was a different kind of medical experience. The waiting room exudes serenity."

    Ana O.
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    "A breath of fresh air."

    Ricky E.
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    "Dr. Armm is a brilliant, well-educated and thoughtful physician. He truly understands the holistic nature of the human body and disease."

    Janabai A.
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    "No guess work on whether acupuncture works with Dr. Armm. My results were immediate and ongoing. He works with you one on one to achieve your health goals."

    Joel C.
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    "Dr. Armm has been especially instrumental in helping me in the healing process! I appreciate this Center and their approaches."

    Shirley P
  • “The best acupuncture in Los Angeles! Great center with fantastic energy and caring people. The moment you walk in you feel peaceful and relaxed."

  • "Good morning Dr. Armm, There was extra benefit to my acupuncture treatment yesterday, open lungs for FULL deep breaths! Solid sleep last night too!"

    Debra D.
  • "Auricular seed therapy yesterday: Never felt better! Standing taller & breathing deeper physical ease from head to toe!"

    Verified User
  • Jennifer Canfield is the best practitioner ever.

    Olga Kirunchyk
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